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Tips on what to wear for a photo session

What to wear for a photo session

What to wear – dressing your family for photos When shooting family photography, the way all the outfits and accessories of each family member are in harmony will genuinely be the icing on the cake and pull everything together. Make sure to follow these tips to get the best out of your family photo session: Choose your palette first. For starter, pick a few colors. Go above and beyond and try to use different tones, like blue, earth, neutrals, pastels, […]

Selected photo shoots from newborn photography by Ana Koska

Best Photo Sessions from Newborn Photography by Ana Koska

  Newborn photography is my favorite type of photography. Nothing comes close to the feeling of capturing such beauty. Since I’ve set up myself in Baltimore and opened my shop, I’ve done newborn sessions the most. And, some of those first sessions I did remain my favorite after years of experience. Scroll down the page and enjoy some of the best photo sessions from newborn photography in the past few years I’ve made as a professional newborn photographer. All of these sessions were […]

Selected sessions from maternity photography

Selected Sessions from Maternity Photography by Ana Koska

  If there’s something I love doing, it’s definitely maternity sessions. Happy, glowing moms come, and get to show off their beauty. As a mom of two, I know how special this state is. That’s why, I love to let these women let go, and embrace their newfound glow. They say that woman is the most beautiful when she’s carrying a new life in her womb. Boy, they couldn’t be more right. So, I want to show you something. This […]

House near Sherwood Gardens

Meet Baltimore and its many attractions (Best locations for photography)

Without a doubt, Baltimore is the coolest city on the East Coast. Aside from its rightful place in American history and culture, it’s a birthplace of famous Americans. Also, Baltimore City played an important role in shaping the USA as you know it. Nowadays, it’s rich, diverse, and home to attractions and monuments.  Most of all, it comes with everything a family needs for a fantastic vacation. And photo shoot goes hand in hand with vacations Well, you wouldn’t be […]

portrait photography of a girl during a golden hour

Everlasting portrait photography pointers you should remember

Portrait photography is an art and it bows to no strict rules. But, you can always find general tips and tricks to improve your portrait-taking skills. Likewise, in a world of various models, types of portraits and numerous factors which influence portrait photo session, there are certain aspects you should always check and cover. Here are my proven to work pointers and portrait photography techniques every professional photographer (and photographer to be) should find useful. Gearing up is always the […]

Spring 2019 Mini Sessions

This spring, I am taking you to one of my favorite daffodil fields and magnolia tree flower beds for always popular mini sessions! These sessions are most often used as a family session, but can also be used for a maternity or children’s session. Limited to immediate family only. If you would like to include extended family such as grandparents or cousins, please select two back to back session times. DATES: April 27th & May 4th (Rain dates – April […]

Family of four in nature

Top 22 tips for natural family portraits (photographer’s guide)

Working with a large group of people, especially on family photography, can be tricky for many reasons – from dealing with many different characters, trying to capture the perfect shot of kids who easily lose focus to having the shoot go smoothly and then realize you’re not completely happy with the pictures. Even the experienced photographers could use some tips regarding poses, gear and relationship with family members in order to get natural family portraits. Of course, in case you […]

Newborn girl in purple swaddle setup

Easy steps: How to play with newborn (bonus for photographers)

Play for newborns is essential in many different ways, but not always easy to carry out. Here are some ideas for science approved, safe and mutually fun games you can play with newborn baby and tricks how to take it on the next level – if you sail into an adventure called newborn photography.   About benefits of playing with newborns They are fascinating and rewarding, adorable and mysterious, but what newborns actually do? Eat, sleep, cry and stare in […]

Quick Guide to Toddler Photography

Quick Guide to Toddler Photography

When we talk about children photography we all know that it’s very hard to get good pictures of these little people. Reasons for that are numerous, starting from the one that they don’t want to sit still. And if we succeed in that, still it’s hard to get them to look into the camera. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to get a good smile from a toddler just by asking for one. A toddler is a child who is just learning […]

Tips and Tricks for Fantastic Family Photography

Tips and Tricks for Fantastic Family Photography

It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s perfect holiday photos are just popping out and making you want exactly the same: great lighting and location, happy faces and palpable magic. The truth is, everyone wants fun and exciting photo session and beautiful, vibrant photos. If you haven’t had much chance to take family photos, you may find it difficult to satisfy all those expectations and photographic criteria. Here are some advice for the first timers, as well as […]