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Hi, I'm Ana Koska, an award-winning Baltimore newborn photographer that specializes in newborn photography. I have a home photography studio that comes with props, toys, and enough enthusiasm to perfectly capture your child’s beauty.

A photo shoot isn’t just a first, fun trip with your newborn. On the contrary, it’s a crucial moment in both of your lives. It’s the first time you take your child on a trip and do something amazing together.

That alone is priceless. But, to get the most out of it, you should know what to expect for the photography day.

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What do you need for a perfect baby photography?

The success of newborn photography depends on the photographer’s ability to communicate with the whole family properly.

Openness, communication, and flexibility are all key to a perfect session. After all, it’s a unique moment with your family. And, probably the first time your baby will wear a beautiful outfit, while posing in front of the camera. You deserve to have a say in this situation.

After all, pictures are just reminders of moments that should last for eternity. Make them your own completely.

That’s my philosophy at least. Please check out other families in my newborn photos gallery or family photos gallery.

What can you expect at a newborn session?

Photography sessions can be a lot of fun. But, the newborn photo session is an art of its own. You have to approach it with care.

While any baby up to two months of age is considered a newborn, it’s best to do newborn photography in the first two weeks of baby’s life. During that period, the baby is more cooperative and easy to deal with.

The session has two parts. It has a prep time and photoshoot time. That’s why the whole session usually lasts about 2-3 hours.

Each session has a general concept, but to make it the most special day for you and your family, I’m open to new ideas. Whether it’s about outfits, or photography poses and props, just mention it.

Additionally, my home photography studio has toys, props, cameras, and everything you need for a perfect time. So you can either choose from my wardrobe or bring your own.

Additionally, it won’t be just 2-3 hours of photography. We have to take into account feeding and diaper-changing time. And don’t worry about it, as a mom, I know as well as anyone that things “get dirty sometimes”.

Finally, when we get the baby photos, it’s time to photograph the whole family.

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What types of photoshoots do you offer?

I specialize in maternity, newborn, family sessions, and milestone photography.

What the best time to do newborn photography?

The best time to photograph newborns is when the baby is between 4-14 days old. Even though it may seem too soon to bring them to a photoshoot, keep this in mind. Babies are sleeping 18 hours a day, and are prone to remain in that wonderful position, a “curl” just like they were in the womb. Even If the baby is older than 14 days, don’t feel like you have missed the opportunity. Though the session will likely take a little bit longer, I’ll still be able to get amazing photographs.

What do I need to bring to the newborn session?

Just the usual: diapers, wipes, milk if using bottle, pacifier, and anything special to you family that you want me to include in the pictures.

What happens if my baby has a “sudden dirty diaper” during the session?

Don’t sweat it – it’s completely normal and expected! As a mother of two and I’ve been through it all. Kick back and relax, and leave everything to me.

What happens if my baby cries or gets fussy?

Occasionally, babies do wake up during the photo session and even get fussy. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to dispel their fussiness with warmth, patience and love. Also, consider that your baby will likely need to be fed during the photo session. At that point, we’ll take a break so you can feed the baby properly.

There’s something on newborn’s skin, it’s blotchy or flaky, should I postpone the photo session?

Don’t wait! Skin change is normal experience for most newborns – whether it is newborn acne, dry patches, blotchiness, flakiness, blemishes, or jaundice. On top of that, I’m professionally trained and skilled in photo editing, and so removing any of the above issues to ensure your newborn has even skin tones won’t be a problem.

How long does the newborn photo session last?

Usually, it lasts around 2-3 hours. The reason for this is because babies need “baby time.” We have to take the time to ensure your baby is perfectly posed with relaxed hands and feet. The session also includes break time, i.e., feeding when necessary, soothing the baby to put it to sleep. There’s no need to rush. And I would never want to end a session just because we ran out of time. If your baby needs time, we’ll make it!

What’s included in the price of a photo session collection?

Session customization, editing, and digital images.

After our session is over, when do I get to see the images from my session?

About 2 weeks after your session, I will email you a password to a protected gallery. The online gallery remains active for 14 days.

Can we bring older children?

If you want to do some sibling images, we’ll do them first and then the older kids will have to leave with Grandma, Dad, or whoever can watch them. Neutral, earthy tones are best for clothing and jeans with solid color shirts are preferred

What should we wear?

Neutrals/light colors are always a great choice for newborn sessions. Creams, grays, browns, light blues, and soft pinks create an airy feel to your photos, and match with the softness of your little one. Stay away from large logos, avoid black and neon colors not to overshadow your baby!

Why should I hire a professional to photograph my newborn?

POSING and SAFETY – As a parent, the priority is your child’s safety. The first thing to look for in a newborn photographer is the ability to handle your child safely. Remember, you are handing your days old baby to a photographer to hold, soothe, pose in and on props. I am a highly trained and skilled newborn photographer with years of experience in posing babies. That’s why I will always guarantee their safety while capturing adorable poses.

EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE – As a professional photographer with over ten years of experience, I know exactly how to capture the very best photos. My training in photography and studio lighting as well as continuing professional courses, workshops accentuate my innate creative skills.

TIME – Professional photography is a hard career, very labor, and time-intensive. The time that is spent for one session can range from 15-26 hours. Nevertheless, I dedicate every moment to ensure your photography session with me is a wonderful experience.

Can I schedule a newborn photo session at my home?

My home studio is specifically designed for newborn sessions. That’s why, considering time and practicality, it will cost both of us a lot more to set up and photograph in your home. Also, you would have a lot less flexibility with prop choices and lighting. Photography being taken in a dedicated studio will provide you with a a better result.

What dates and times do you book newborn sessions?

Newborn sessions are booked Monday-Friday in the morning. Only one session can be booked per day. Newborns sleep much more soundly in the morning before the rest of the day has had a chance to wear on them. If you book a session during this time of day, it will create a better opportunity for the baby to sleep more soundly and look relaxed.

Take this moment for life

It’s about your newborn after all. You don’t want just anybody around them. It’s best if it’s someone you can trust.

That’s why I always approach my clients with care. After so many sessions, their fears and problems feel like a Q&A session for me. I just want them to have a perfect experience.

And, for a 450$, you can have one.

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