Tips on what to wear for a photo session
27th Aug 19

What to wear for a photo session

What to wear – dressing your family for photos When shooting family photography, the...
Selected photo shoots from newborn photography by Ana Koska
5th Aug 19

Best Photo Sessions from Newborn Photography by Ana Koska

  Newborn photography is my favorite type of photography. Nothing comes close to the...
Selected sessions from maternity photography
27th Jul 19

Selected Sessions from Maternity Photography by Ana Koska

  If there’s something I love doing, it’s definitely maternity sessions. Happy, glowing moms...
House near Sherwood Gardens
6th Jun 19

Meet Baltimore and its many attractions (Best locations for photography)

Without a doubt, Baltimore is the coolest city on the East Coast. Aside from...
portrait photography of a girl during a golden hour
23rd Apr 19

Everlasting portrait photography pointers you should remember

Portrait photography is an art and it bows to no strict rules. But, you...
25th Mar 19

Spring 2019 Mini Sessions

This spring, I am taking you to one of my favorite daffodil fields and...
Family of four in nature
12th Mar 19

Top 22 tips for natural family portraits (photographer’s guide)

Working with a large group of people, especially on family photography, can be tricky...
Newborn girl in purple swaddle setup
28th Feb 19

Easy steps: How to play with newborn (bonus for photographers)

Play for newborns is essential in many different ways, but not always easy to...
Quick Guide to Toddler Photography
29th Jan 19

Quick Guide to Toddler Photography

When we talk about children photography we all know that it’s very hard to...
Tips and Tricks for Fantastic Family Photography
2nd Jan 19

Tips and Tricks for Fantastic Family Photography

It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s perfect holiday photos are just...
Best Photoshoots from Baby and Children Photography by Ana Koska
19th Nov 18

Best Photoshoots from Baby and Children Photography by Ana Koska

  This is just a part of some of my best sessions from baby and...
Newborn photography example
15th Nov 18

Tips for Successful Newborn Photography

Joy, fluffiness, and know-how behind the lens When we think of newborn photography the...
New website
23rd Oct 18

The New Website has arrived – because we all deserve pretty things!

Hey! It’s me Ana. I am here for a quick introduction of my brand...
How to Photograph Children
9th Jan 18

How to Photograph Children

  Another cold day, another hot cocoa – perfect set up for blogging the...
Best family photography sessions
5th Jan 18

Best Family Photography Sessions by Ana Koska

  If family photography services were a sitcom, their caption would be “what a...
I am Mia
9th Apr 13

I am Mia

  This is something personal…something that never stops running, jumping, rolling, dancing….meet Mia, my 3...
Ana Koska Self Portrait
12th Mar 13

Hello Blog and no More Excuses!

  I am so excited to finally start writing my FIRST blog! It will...