Meet Baltimore and its many attractions (Best locations for photography)

House near Sherwood Gardens

Without a doubt, Baltimore is the coolest city on the East Coast. Aside from its rightful place in American history and culture, it’s a birthplace of famous Americans. Also, Baltimore City played an important role in shaping the USA as you know it.

Nowadays, it’s rich, diverse, and home to attractions and monuments.  Most of all, it comes with everything a family needs for a fantastic vacation.

And photo shoot goes hand in hand with vacations

Well, you wouldn’t be able to call it a vacation without that photo from a Patterson Pagoda or a water taxi. And, if you are an artsy mom, there’s a bunch of museums for you to visit with your children.

Surely, there are so many things to do in Baltimore that allows for an easy photo shoot. Even the naughtiest child calms down and strikes a pose in front of the camera. The setting keeps the kids so busy you won’t even need any help for fantastic family photography.

Baltimore offers something for anyone

So, playing catch is your son’s favorite pastime. Well great, take him to popular Baltimore stadiums. Or, your daughter can’t live without her crayons. Then, there are museums, art events, and galleries.

Maybe long walks in nature are your thing, so feel free to explore botanical gardens, arboretums, and parks. In essence, Baltimore is a city you want to bring a camera to, and this stands for amateur and professional photographers alike.

But, maybe you are a kind of a parent that thrives on traditional values. It goes without saying that’s just another reason to visit Baltimore. It can teach you so much about American history.

Baltimore is a heaven of culture and history

Baltimore had an integral role in American history. Here, John Stafford Smith wrote the Star-Spangled Banner, and important battles happened here. At one time, the City even was a center of the industrialization.

Additionally, historical figures were born in Baltimore. Such are Edgar Allan Poe, Babe Ruth, and many others.

Places to visit if you want to feel out Baltimore’s history

So, let’s say you love history. These are the best locations you want to visit to really feel what Baltimore tourism was about. And, aside from learning something, have a great time with your family.

Hampton National Historic Site – For families that love nature exploration

Location on Google Maps:

Mansion in Hampton National Historic Site 1

Hampton Mansion, Photo by Ana Koska Photography

Hampton Mansion is a marvelous building of 18th-century architecture. Once, it was the largest private home in America. Today, it’s an astonishing mixture of concrete, green fields, and rare flowers. It’s a highly recommended location for kids who enjoy nature exploration.

Here are some of my pictures from Hampton National Historic Site.

Sherwood Gardens – Field of tulips are perfect photo shoot location

Location on Google Maps:

House near Sherwood Gardens

House Near Sherwood Gardens, Photo by Ana Koska Photography

It’s a renowned garden well-known for its tulips. Also, it’s a testament from the owner of the “Baltimore Sun”. Through time it became home to a collection of rare flowers and plants. It makes an amazing setting to capture the first steps of your toddler.

Check out some of my other photos from Sherwood Gardens below.

Cylburn Arboretum – A beautiful natural attraction for a perfect day off

Location on Google Maps:

Fall in Cylburn Arboretum

Fall in Cylburn Arboretum, Photo by Ana Koska Photography

This is a location with a rich history. It used to be a private mansion, then children’s home, and finally an arboretum. With both undeniable beauty and historical appeal, Cylburn Arboretum is one of the finest natural attractions in Baltimore. It’s perfect for visiting on a day off or a weekend.

Cylburn Arboretum is a perfect place for different photo shoots, as you can see from more of my photos.

Baltimore Museum of Art – A trip that enriches the soul

Location on Google Maps:

Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) Baltimore Museum of Art, Photo by Ana Koska Photography

It’s Baltimore’s museum with a collection of artwork from the history’s most notable artists. Also, it has a garden so that you can have an amazing family photography session. If you see your kids majoring in any kind of art, here’s where they should start the search of cultural enrichment.

Federal Hill Park – See the Baltimore from the palm of your hand

Location on Google Maps:

Benches in Federal Park overlooking Baltimore’s panorama

Photo source: John Hopkins Hospital – Foundations of Computer Science

This is Baltimore’s signature landmark. Both amateur and professional photographers love it. In essence, it’s a grassy field from where you can see the whole Baltimore panorama. And, people can’t resist the appeal of the setting, posing in front of their favorite part of Baltimore’s panorama.

And Baltimore has a great offer for nature enthusiasts

Well, Baltimore is surely great when it comes to history. But, the parks are where Baltimore truly kills. The city hosts numerous parks, vibrant with rare flowers, plants, and greenery.

It’s a place where you want to take your family for a day out. And, it’s also a place where you want to take that special family photo.

Parks in Baltimore

Here’s a list of parks you should visit in Baltimore. Each of them offers special events and happenings, so make sure you check them out before visiting any of them.

Patterson Park – Take your children to the best backyard in Baltimore

Location on Google Maps:

Patterson Pagoda Park trail

Photo source: Daily News

Nicknamed the “Best Backyard in Baltimore“, for many it’s their favorite park to visit on Sunday. It just offers so much. There’s the old pagoda building, but there are also swimming pools, open fields, playgrounds, and even a lake.

Canton Waterfront Park – Ride the water taxi along the Baltimore’s waterfront

Location on Google Maps:

Canton Waterfront Park water taxi

Photo source: What I saw on my bike

Canton Waterfront Park is one of the few parks that sit on the water. It’s great for a family visit, since no kid ever could resist water taxis. Aside from the huge photography potential, consider the shopping capabilities along the waterfront before you visit it.

Druid Hill Park – Hike and travel until you release the last ounce of stress

Location on Google Maps:

Trees in Druid Hill Park

Photo source: Druid Hill Park in Baltimore

This is one of the largest parks in America, but also one of the more family-friendly attractions in Baltimore. It hosts open gyms, conservatories, and even the Baltimore Zoo. It has gigantic trails for exploration, and it’s great for families that love to hike and travel.

Leakin Park – A peaceful habitat for a nature-loving family

Location on Google Maps:

A tree in Leakin Park

Photo Source: Water and me

It’s a part of the combined Gwynn Falls–Leaking Park habitat. It’s heavily forested, mostly left in the natural state. It’s great for people with respiratory problems or those that need to “log off” from the work stress. Also, a part of the “Blair witch project” was shot here.

Perfect attractions for a family trip and family photography

Let’s say you are willing to take time off and visit something exceptional with your family. It’s only natural that you want to memorize the trip.

Lucky for you, if Baltimore offers anything, then it surely offers great locations for family photography. It offers a bunch of different settings, specific due to their cultural and historical traits.

Little Italy – The festive afternoon you won’t forget

Location on Google Maps:

Diner in Little Italy

Photo source: WhereTraveler

The home ground of Italo-Americans. Italian in essence, this neighborhood offers everything from restaurants, cafes, and playgrounds. Rich with colors and festivities, it brings the perfect romance for maternity photography.

Wyman Park Dell – A photo shoot location for an everlasting photography

Location on Google Maps:

Monuments in Wyman Park Dell

Photo source: Baltimore Heritage

Both a settlement and a park, Wyman Dell tells the story of Baltimore City. Once, a home to flour mills and bars, today it’s a fantastic park. Also, the abundance of flowers and greenery make it a perfect place for children photography.

Riverside Park – Walk through the tranquil meadows of Baltimore

Location on Google Maps:

Fall in Riverside Park

Photo source: Riverside Neighborhood Association

It used to be a lookout, then a place of an important battle, and today is a park. Today, it’s a place you want to visit if you prefer long walks in nature, and taking photographs in the tranquil meadows.

Fells Point – Take a walk on the cobblestones

Location on Google Maps:

Cobblestone road and houses in Fells Point

Photo source: Bite of Baltimore

It’s an old neighborhood with a tradition that spans over 250 years. Enjoy its boardwalks, cafes, and restaurants, as well as the old buildings. A perfect memory hides in front of those rustic buildings, ready for you to take it.

Washington Monument and Mount Vernon – Enjoy a free history lesson

Location on Google Maps:

Clouds over Washington Monument

Photo source:

The first significant monument to support George Washington. If you love history, you should head here and take a picture with the State’s Founder. It would be a perfect addition for your family photo album.

Fort McHenry – Visit the heart of Baltimore and American history

Location on Google Maps:

Fort McHenry from an aerial view

Photo source: Baltimore Sun

This old fort is well-known for two things. There was a fierce battle with the British, and after that, the Star – Spangled Banner was born. Great for a history lesson and as well as for a photo shoot. In a way, it’s the heart of Baltimore.

Other locations for a family photo shoot

Before you head anywhere, consider taking a professional photographer with you. Certainly, you could do a photo shoot, and maybe even know something about how to shoot a natural family portrait. But, it’s probably better to hire a professional photographer.

Ana Koska is a newborn and children photographer that enjoys doing outdoor children photography the most.  She goes all over Baltimore to shoot, and here are some of her favorite photography locations. Check them out.

Family Photography Baltimore

These are the best locations in Baltimore to visit for a photo shoot with your family:

  1. Hampton National Historic Site – Take a family photography in Georgian Manor
  2. Cylburn Arboretum – Pose for a family photo in the flower fields
  3. Druid Hill Park – Take the old trails towards a perfect family memory
  4. Little Italy – A perfect place for a family portrait
  5. Wyman Park Dell – Take your toddlers on a heavily-forested hike

Baltimore Map - Family Photography

Check out the map here »

Maternity photography Baltimore

Visit these locations in Baltimore to take an amazing maternity photo:

  1. Sherwood Gardens – Perfect photography location if you love tulips
  2. Federal Hill Park – Baltimore’s landmark and a place for a everlasting family photo
  3. Fells Point – Capture the beauty of maternity on the cobblestone roads
  4. Patterson Park Pagoda – Enjoy the Pagoda with your family
  5. Leakin Park – Log-off from stress in a heavily-forested park

Baltimore Map - Maternity Photography

Check out the map here »

Parks in Baltimore

Baltimore has greenery in abundance, and you can see it by visiting its parks. These are the most notable ones.

  1. Federal Hill Park – Enjoy the panoramic view of the Baltimore City
  2. Canton Waterfront Park – It’s obvious your kid wants to ride a water taxi
  3. Druid Hill Park – Explore the greenery and take a photo of your children
  4. Leakin Park – Take a deep breath of greenery and release the stress
  5. Riverside Park – Enjoy a moment in history in this historic park
  6. Pierce’s Park – Excellent photo location and a place to play with your kids
  7. Patterson Park – Take a family portrait photography under the blossoming trees
  8. Wyman Park Dell – Perfect place for a family that thrives on traditional values
  9. Carroll Park – Photograph your kids in the third oldest urban park
  10. Clifton Park – Experience the charm of an urban park that is historic district

Baltimore Map - Parks

Check out the map here »

Monuments in Baltimore

Baltimore was home to numerous important historical events. Thus, it has enough monuments to praise its great history.

  1. Washington Monument – A landmark and a perfect history lesson for your kids
  2. Edgar Alan Poe Statue – Meet the author of the Raven and a great poet
  3. Fort McHenry – A fort and a home to the American History
  4. Billie Holiday Statue – Get to know more about the icon of jazz
  5. National Katyn Memorial – Enjoy a beautiful monument dedicated to a hurtful event
  6. Patterson Park Pagoda – A landmark and building perfect for a photo shoot
  7. Marquis de Lafayette Statue – Meet the American-French hero and inspire your kids
  8. Union Soldiers and Sailors Monument – See the monument dedicated to the Civil War
  9. Francis Scott Key Fountain – Dedicated to the author of the Star-Spangled Banner
  10. Lee & Jackson Monument – A monument to the American generals

Baltimore Map - Monuments

Check out the map here »

Attractions in Baltimore

Not a big fan of history? Well, that’s ok, as Baltimore offers everything from water taxis to baseball stadiums.

  1. Camden Yards – Take your son for a photo shoot on this great baseball stadium
  2. Baltimore Museum of Art – Enjoy an afternoon with the fantastic artwork
  3. M & T Bank Stadium – Don’t forget your kid’s pitching glove
  4. Inner Harbor and Historic Ships – The kids love the ships posing naturally for a photo
  5. The Maryland Zoo – Animals, greenery, and relaxation are its main traits
  6. Geppi’s Entertainment Museum – Fun for a whole family with museum of comics
  7. Baltimore Water Taxi – Nothing beats the child smiles when it rides on water
  8. National Aquarium – Your kid will demand a picture with each aquarium
  9. Lexington Market – Try out the oldest market in Baltimore
  10. Phoenix Shot Tower – A beautiful monument of old Baltimore architecture

Baltimore Map - Attractions

Check out the map here »

Neighborhoods in Baltimore

Check out these neighborhoods if you want to see the finest aspects of living in Baltimore.

  1. Inner Harbor – A fantastic Baltimore location if you love waterfronts
  2. Fells Point – Cobblestones and old houses make a great family trip
  3. Hampden – Once a worker neighborhood now it’s an awesome tourist attraction
  4. Mount Vernon – A center of Baltimore and a great location for a photo shoot
  5. Canton – Take a walk along the waterfront and feel the breeze
  6. Charles Village – An urban neighborhood for a hip parents
  7. Locust Point – A historic neighborhood and a home to Fort McHenry
  8. Station North – Show your kids the official art and entertainment neighborhood
  9. Little Italy – Home to fine dining, great coffees, and fantastic family time
  10. Butchers Hill – One of the Baltimore’s most prosperous communities

Baltimore Map - Neighborhoods

Check out the map here »

Baltimore offers so much to explore

Truly, Baltimore has so much to offer. And, you don’t even need to explore all of it.

It’s totally fine just visiting those places that pique your curiosity the most. Either way, don’t forget to bring the camera. Take a moment and take a picture. Make those memories last eternally.

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