Milestone photography session in Baltimore, Maryland

Milestone Photography

The feeling of watching your baby grow and change from a little bundle to a mini person can’t compare to anything. If you ever doubted the authenticity of parent’s words when they say that kids grow up so fast, just wait and see – it all becomes too real too quickly.

That is a perfect reason to capture and honor those moments with newborn and baby photos, so you can always cherish the transformations you otherwise can easily miss, being a new mom struggling to sleep and eat regularly.

With Milestones Collections, Ana Koska Photography offers you the perfect way to document baby’s milestones.


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With professional in-studio portrait sessions in my Baltimore, Maryland photography studio, I will help you track all those precious changes your little one is going through, by carefully capturing them and making memories for you and your family to enjoy at all time.

We will follow your baby’s milestones with sessions at 4 months, 9 months, and baby’s first birthday.

What do you get with a milestone collection?

Each milestone photoshoot includes discounted prices and priority booking, ensuring that your family always gets session dates that work best for your busy schedule throughout the entire year.

Price of milestone photo collections begins at $250 per session.

Milestone collection is a great way to mark your baby’s big moments during the first year and a warranty to look back at those photos one day down the line and smile.

Even though your life could feel like cannot be planned once you have a baby, I assure you that with me as your newborn and baby photographer, finding time for these sessions will be no problem for you and they will feel like a vacation.

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